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You’re engaged (congratulations!!) and perhaps you have had a small panic attack on where to begin.  With our Guidance package, we can provide you with some helpful personalised tools to set you up for your 'stress-free' wedding planning journey.

Below is a list of items I can assist you with.

Meet:  Meet with the bride or couple to run through their vision for their day for a no obligation consultation. From here you can decide whether you think you will need help to cover any or all of the below.

Vision: We will brainstorm ideas to come up with an overall vision for your day, from how you would like the whole event to run, to the fun stuff like styling, themes, personalisation and design.

Budgets: We can discuss your requirements, and if you would like, we can put a personalised budget together for you.

Recommendations: Supplier recommendations, negotiating and selection criteria.

Planning: This is my specialty, so I will put together a Ceremony Plan and Reception running sheet to make sure all elements can be factored in to your timeline.

Personalisation: We absolutely love to customize any elements we can, so let’s talk about unique ideas that you have to make sure your wedding day reflects you and your partner’s relationship!

Additional requirements:  When we discuss your event we can see if you have any additional requirements that may need planning, such as a get together of wedding guests the next day because who doesn’t want their day to extend as long as possible?

Let's take the first step towards making your dream day come true.