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Full disclosure: We LOVE weddings! From planning, to co-ordination, to the joy of seeing a bride and groom have their perfect day (whilst we’re in the background making sure everything is running smoothly). We would love to meet you to discuss your requirements and tailor a package that suits both your needs and budget. Let us use our knowledge of both the events and wedding industries to make sure your day is as special and unique as you want.

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We offer a variety of packages so drop us a line and let’s chat.

·   Wedding Planning
·   Coordination and Set Up
·   Guidance for the DIY Bride.


You’re engaged (congratulations!!). Don’t panic – you’re not alone! There are some things to think about before you can even look at locking in any dates, suppliers or a venue.  Let us be your sounding board for advice and guidance on any question you may have.

let's find a venue

No two weddings are the same, and we LOVE a personalized wedding! Let’s meet and establish the vision for your perfect day and find the best place to make your dreams come true!

managing suppliers

Once you have booked your venue, it’s time to find the right suppliers for your day – and BOY can there be a lot to lock in!! Trying to deal with and manage multiple suppliers is no cake walk (except maybe when ordering your cake).  Stress-less and let us take the burden off your shoulders.

set-up on the day

Your big day is here, and your focus needs to be on enjoying the day and being in the moment! Who is going to make sure that your vision comes together as you have been planning for months? Let us take over all aspects of the set up and management of your day’s timeline. We will be on hand to deal with on the day set up, co-ordination and importantly pack down (because no bride needs to be seen packing up their own wedding)!

rescue me!

For the time poor

After managing to plan your whole wedding, you find yourself close to the date and either stuck on next steps or in a panic about how to bring it all together. Dealing with multiple suppliers can be overwhelming, not to mention you should be focusing on being as relaxed as possible to be able to enjoy your own special day!


You're engaged (congratulations) and would like a full wedding planning experience. Perhaps you're interstate and just can't be physically present deal with all things wedding, maybe you just don't have the time or perhaps you just hate planning and organising. Lucky for you - we LOVE it.

Let's take the first step towards making your dream day come true.