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You're engaged (congratulations) and would like a full wedding planning experience. Perhaps you're interstate and just can't be physically present deal with all things wedding, maybe you just don't have the time or perhaps you just hate planning and organising. Lucky for you - we LOVE it.

On the Day

Pre Wedding: Let us managing all deliveries and tasks prior to the wedding that you just don’t need to waste your personal time doing. This includes the set-up of ceremony and reception areas to ensure your vision is met.

At the Wedding

We’ll be on hand for the whole event from welcoming your Guests, keeping on top of important Timings and pack down.

Personalisation: We absolutely love to customize any elements we can, so let’s talk about unique ideas that you have to make sure your wedding day reflects you and your partner’s relationship!

Additional requirements:  When we discuss your event we can see if you have any additional requirements that may need planning, such as a get together of wedding guests the next day because who doesn’t want their day to extend as long as possible?

Let's take the first step towards making your dream day come true.